Leadership Development

Leadership Training and Development at Unity Matters

Conflict Resolution and Transformation for religious settings, communities, businesses, and organizations:

Healthy Conflict Leadership Seminar entitled "ALL UNITY MATTERS" created and developed by Rev. Kathy Harrell.

"ALL UNITY MATTERS" is a two hour/six session seminar designed for teaching leadership within any organization, with a special focus on conflict resolution and transformation. As a non-profit organization, Unity Matters focuses on resolving conflict in a peaceful, serine, and non-violent atmosphere. Churches, Synagogues, Communities, Schools, Workplaces, as well as relationships at home and daily life can benefit from this intensive study.

"UNITY IN THE CHURCH" teaches basic concepts related to leadership through conflict such as:

• What is conflict and what type of person typically causes conflict
• Who is the typically the target of conflict and why
• How to deal with those who cause conflict
• The importance of being self-differentiated in the midst of conflict
• The importance of working through conflict
• Techniques in conducting meetings where:
   - conflict is minimalized and most often non-existent
   - meetings are held in a shorter amount of time
   - productivity is increased
   - those involved are assured their ideas are welcomed and honored

"ALL UNITY MATTERS"also adds a very important element where unity and conflictual healing begin to take place.

"ALL UNITY MATTERS" is critical for churches, synagogues, and any organization; especially with a history of conflict where as conflict has damaged the relationship of the congregation or organization. This seminar can also be taught to any entity wanting to strengthen leadership skills within their setting; become more unified; and (as a preventative measure) become more proactive in their ability to handle any conflict in whatever way it may present itself.